Summer, Don’t Go: June, July, and (most of) August Books

Hi, friends! I’m alive. I’ve been reading. Not as much as I would have liked, but it has been a productive summer of books, for the most part. Reviews below! (This is quick because I have to hurry and get outside to enjoy the last few seconds of summer, I’m in denial…)

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… It’s Almost May

Hi friends. Remember how I was going to write once a month about every book I read the month prior? And now it’s June Eve, and my last post came out in early March? OOPS!

This has been one of the most insane winters/springs of my life, and I hate it. I’m crazy behind on my reading goal, and may be forced to adjust accordingly. I hate admitting defeat and/or giving up early, but I’m also trying to be realistic and adaptable. Here’s what I’m thinking… Continue reading

Oops I Only Read 3 Books Last Month: February

I’d blame the shorter month on my slow reading progress in February, but I know I fell behind because of book #7, the first book I finished last month. Quality over quantity, though; while the book was dense and time-consuming, it was really, really great. I’m now 7 or 8 books behind schedule, but I’m good at playing catchup. Keep reading for a (brief) recap of my February in books. Continue reading

Me, Again: January Books

Hello again, I bet you didn’t think I’d be back so soon. In an effort to be more consistent this year, I’ve decided to write once a month at the end of every month, reviewing all the titles I read that month. By the end of the year, I’m hoping that you’ll have heard from me 12 times in total. Less pressure for me, less long-winded ramblings for you to read. Everyone wins! Woo! Consistency! Books! So please, continue reading to learn about my 2017 so far in books. Continue reading


Hello. It’s been too long. But I have good news, I’m alive and I have been reading. At first, I didn’t write a 2016 recap because I was moping; I finished 97 books last year, a disappointing three books short of my goal of 100. And then I wasn’t writing a recap because work got pretty insane. And then I wasn’t writing a recap because I was behind on my goal for 2017 (already) so I was playing a little catch-up.

I’m still behind, but I’ve decided it’s time for me to write my 2016 reading recap because a month and a half has already gone by and that’s embarrassing. Another post is coming soon with the books I’ve read so far in 2017 (there have been already been some great ones). Continue reading

The Home Stretch – 14 More Reviews

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving/December/early Christmas/Hanukah/winter/whatever you celebrate! I’m feeling very tentatively excited because I really think I can meet my goal of 100 books this year (knock on wood for me).

I have 14 more rapid-reviews for you below. In a perfect world, I’ll have time for two more blog posts before the year is done; the first will be an overly excited one (abundant with rainbow fonts, obviously) about achieving the goal. But I’d love to write a second one about the experience of working through your to-read pile this way, by setting a high but attainable goal, and the pros and cons of keeping it in mind throughout the year. I attempted to read 100 books last year, but I’ve been in very different places, physically and mentally, over the course of these past two years. It’s been an interesting process to say the least. So! Without getting ahead of myself, hopefully we’ll be talking twice more before 2017. In the meantime…

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