Rapid Reviews: 5 Sentences or Less Part II

Our country. What a mess. I’m in shock and in mourning and I’m not dwelling on it yet. But I’ll be ready in 2017 to fight, to stay informed, to stay open-minded and empathetic and loving, to take comfort in the fact that I’m far from alone, and to make sure that my voice, as a woman, is heard. Not dwelling! Let’s talk about books.

I’ve completed 15 more since I last wrote (remember when I used to write 400-word reviews after every single book? Ah, to be young and ambitious again…) and I liked almost all of them. See below for more 5-sentence-or-less book reviews. Continue reading


Rapid Fire Reviews: 5 Sentences or Less

Hello! You may have been wondering whether I got abducted or stopped reading entirely (abducted would be the more likely scenario) – but neither of the above happened! I just got busy! So I put off blogging about one trio of books to move onto the next trio, and then put off blogging about that one, too, until I found myself here, with 12 books read and waiting to be reviewed.

That’s overwhelming by anyone’s standards, so I decided to take that pressure off of myself and instead post a rapid fire, 5-sentences-or-less reviews of all 12 of the books I’ve finished in the past 5 – 6 weeks. Enjoy reading about books 48 – 59! Continue reading

A Fairytale, An Amazing Story, & A Sad One

I finished three more books! The theme of this trio was “books that start with A” (I can’t be creative all of the time). Book #45 was After Alice by Gregory Maguire (the fairytale); book #46 was Atonement by Ian McEwan (an absolutely amazing one); book #47 was called Angels by Denis Johnson (the sad one).

Honestly, I want to talk about Atonement for this entire post, because that is an amazing book that I regret putting off for so long. But obviously I’ll discuss them all, because that’s tradition and because I love talking (writing) about books. Continue reading

Short Stories & Secret Projects

Hi! I have been very scattered with this blog, and for that I apologize. It’s been a weird (but wonderful!) couple of reading weeks. I also just love being outside in the summer, meaning I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like reading. My pace has slowed considerably.

If you’ll recall, my last trio’s theme was short story collections. I finished my third of those and it was THE GREATEST. And I finished two other books, which I can’t really talk about… yet. How mysterious! Just kidding, that’s annoying, but I actually can’t discuss either of them in detail. I’m including them though, because – while they may be under wraps now – they are still books, and they’ll be published and available-for-purchase books someday very soon! I’ll give vague details. Continue reading

Oops, I accidentally did that thing where I finish books & forget to talk about them…

Hi! Happy official summer. My apologies for the radio silence – things have been generally crazy. I try to soldier on and read through the craziness, though, and I’ve finished books #37 – #41, so that’s exciting! #37 and #39 fit into the category of memoir, and the group that I’m finishing up right now is short story collections.

Because I have to catch you up on my thoughts about 5 books rather than 3 (or even just 1), I’m going to great pains to shorten this as much as I can. We all know how wordy I can be… sorry in advance. Continue reading

GIRL Books

I don’t think you even need to be into reading to notice the trend in books being published as of late: books with “girl” in the title, AKA “girl” books. It’s an epidemic. I was at The Strand the other day browsing the new releases and noticed 5 stacks of “girl” books on one side of the table alone. Publishers are going crazy for girls.

That was the theme for my most recently-finished trio: Book #34 was Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman; book #35 was Girl Unbroken by Regina Calcaterra; and book #36 was How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran. They were all incredible books and solidified my belief that, really, girls are the only ones worth reading about. The literature of the past was making a huge mistake. Continue reading

Half Marathon #5

*Running Post!* This past weekend, I ran. I ran in my first NYC race, my first race in almost exactly a year (which was not planned), and my fifth half marathon since I started running half marathons in 2013. It was also my slowest half marathon yet (by (I’m not kidding) two one-hundredths of a second). Let me tell you all about it!

If I had to sum up the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon in only one word, I would say “crowded.” Which makes sense, it’s the biggest half marathon in America. The one of the plus side of a race in a city with 8 million people is that your cheering section is bigger and more energetic. The downside is that the running pack never thins out. Continue reading