The Home Stretch – 14 More Reviews

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving/December/early Christmas/Hanukah/winter/whatever you celebrate! I’m feeling very tentatively excited because I really think I can meet my goal of 100 books this year (knock on wood for me).

I have 14 more rapid-reviews for you below. In a perfect world, I’ll have time for two more blog posts before the year is done; the first will be an overly excited one (abundant with rainbow fonts, obviously) about achieving the goal. But I’d love to write a second one about the experience of working through your to-read pile this way, by setting a high but attainable goal, and the pros and cons of keeping it in mind throughout the year. I attempted to read 100 books last year, but I’ve been in very different places, physically and mentally, over the course of these past two years. It’s been an interesting process to say the least. So! Without getting ahead of myself, hopefully we’ll be talking twice more before 2017. In the meantime…

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Rapid Reviews: 5 Sentences or Less Part II

Our country. What a mess. I’m in shock and in mourning and I’m not dwelling on it yet. But I’ll be ready in 2017 to fight, to stay informed, to stay open-minded and empathetic and loving, to take comfort in the fact that I’m far from alone, and to make sure that my voice, as a woman, is heard. Not dwelling! Let’s talk about books.

I’ve completed 15 more since I last wrote (remember when I used to write 400-word reviews after every single book? Ah, to be young and ambitious again…) and I liked almost all of them. See below for more 5-sentence-or-less book reviews. Continue reading

Rapid Fire Reviews: 5 Sentences or Less

Hello! You may have been wondering whether I got abducted or stopped reading entirely (abducted would be the more likely scenario) – but neither of the above happened! I just got busy! So I put off blogging about one trio of books to move onto the next trio, and then put off blogging about that one, too, until I found myself here, with 12 books read and waiting to be reviewed.

That’s overwhelming by anyone’s standards, so I decided to take that pressure off of myself and instead post a rapid fire, 5-sentences-or-less reviews of all 12 of the books I’ve finished in the past 5 – 6 weeks. Enjoy reading about books 48 – 59! Continue reading

A Fairytale, An Amazing Story, & A Sad One

I finished three more books! The theme of this trio was “books that start with A” (I can’t be creative all of the time). Book #45 was After Alice by Gregory Maguire (the fairytale); book #46 was Atonement by Ian McEwan (an absolutely amazing one); book #47 was called Angels by Denis Johnson (the sad one).

Honestly, I want to talk about Atonement for this entire post, because that is an amazing book that I regret putting off for so long. But obviously I’ll discuss them all, because that’s tradition and because I love talking (writing) about books. Continue reading

Short Stories & Secret Projects

Hi! I have been very scattered with this blog, and for that I apologize. It’s been a weird (but wonderful!) couple of reading weeks. I also just love being outside in the summer, meaning I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like reading. My pace has slowed considerably.

If you’ll recall, my last trio’s theme was short story collections. I finished my third of those and it was THE GREATEST. And I finished two other books, which I can’t really talk about… yet. How mysterious! Just kidding, that’s annoying, but I actually can’t discuss either of them in detail. I’m including them though, because – while they may be under wraps now – they are still books, and they’ll be published and available-for-purchase books someday very soon! I’ll give vague details. Continue reading

Oops, I accidentally did that thing where I finish books & forget to talk about them…

Hi! Happy official summer. My apologies for the radio silence – things have been generally crazy. I try to soldier on and read through the craziness, though, and I’ve finished books #37 – #41, so that’s exciting! #37 and #39 fit into the category of memoir, and the group that I’m finishing up right now is short story collections.

Because I have to catch you up on my thoughts about 5 books rather than 3 (or even just 1), I’m going to great pains to shorten this as much as I can. We all know how wordy I can be… sorry in advance. Continue reading

GIRL Books

I don’t think you even need to be into reading to notice the trend in books being published as of late: books with “girl” in the title, AKA “girl” books. It’s an epidemic. I was at The Strand the other day browsing the new releases and noticed 5 stacks of “girl” books on one side of the table alone. Publishers are going crazy for girls.

That was the theme for my most recently-finished trio: Book #34 was Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman; book #35 was Girl Unbroken by Regina Calcaterra; and book #36 was How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran. They were all incredible books and solidified my belief that, really, girls are the only ones worth reading about. The literature of the past was making a huge mistake. Continue reading